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Cool packs, also known as cool pads or cold packs are a type of thermodynamic pack that can be used to keep food and drinks cool for extended periods of time. They are typically made from an inner layer of gel or liquid, enclosed within an outer layer of plastic. The inner layer contains a heat-absorbing material, such as calcium chloride, which helps to draw heat away from the contents of the pack. Cool packs can be reused multiple times by placing them in the freezer for several hours prior to use.

When placed in a cooler, they help to keep the contents cool for extended periods of time, making them ideal for picnics, camping trips, other outdoor activities and transporting medical specimens that need to be kept cool.

In Pakistan where power outages are common the Cool Pack comes to the rescue when placed inside the fridge or freezer. They keep food frozen up to 12 hours*, maintaining a temperature below 0°C since they are filled with nontoxic salty aqueous with a low freezing point. Hence, they remain frozen for longer and keep you food, drinks or medical specimens cool for a longer time.

These pack /pads are made out of high quality and durable HDPE plastic that is leak proof and lasts a lifetime.

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